Personal Injury Attorney Providence RI | Drunk Driving Accidents

A skilled personal injury attorney Providence RI reports on the drunk driving laws we use in the United States and specifically Rhode Island.

Personal Injury Attorney Providence RI | Drunk Driving AccidentsDrunk driving statistics in the United States are startling. First, drunk drivers are the cause for more than 50% of fatal accidents in the U.S.

And second, more than 25,000 people die in accidents related to alcohol each year.

A lot of people have no idea that even if you have had just a single drink, the likelihood that you will get in a car accident multiples by 7.

Personal Injury Attorney Providence RI | Drunk Driving Laws

Many states have additional ways to prevent drunk drivers that target liquor stores, bars, or any establishment that serves alcohol. They impose liability on these places if they serve alcohol to someone that is clearly intoxicated and then caused the death or injury of someone else.

There are some states that use what are called Dram Shop laws. They hold alcoholic servers financially accountable for the harm that a clearly drunk individual may cause on themselves, other people, or property.

Dram Shop laws can also apply for private clubs. Additionally these laws can prevent you from selling liquor after hours, selling without a license, or selling to minors. Dram shop cases arise frequently in drunk driving car accidents.

Rhode Island Drunk Driving

In RI, the Dram Shop Act was repealed in 86’ and was substituted by the Liquor Liability Act. This act exists to prevent future death or injury from alcohol.

Those liable include those with alcohol retail licenses, employers or agents of such licenses, anyone required by law to have an alcohol retail license, and any employee of these persons. It does not impose fault on social hosts.

Social host liability is an effort to hold party hosts at fault to those who have consumed liquor from them. In 1955, RI refused to accept host liability. But in certain cases, liability may be executed where there was an obvious duty and no sensible steps were taken to protect the guest.

Personal Injury Attorney Providence RI | Blood Alcohol Content

The majority of states base their drinking penalties and laws on the age of the person and their blood alcohol content level. Because the drinking age is 21, penalties for those under the age for consuming alcohol are beyond severe.

The typical blood alcohol level to be charged with drinking and driving is one registering as .08. The BAC is the percentage of alcohol in the blood. So too have a blood alcohol level of .08 means 8% of that persons blood by volume is alcohol.

Drunk Driving Accidents | What To Do

As a personal injury attorney Providence RI of course I advise you to first seek medical attention. Contact the authorities and be sure to get a copy of the police report. Take notes and write down any names and addresses of people involved. Next, call a personal injury attorney Providence RI. The sooner you contact one, the easier it will be for the lawyer to win your case – so don’t delay.

At the Law Offices of Kevin P. Landry we work with people each year who have been affected by RI drunk driving. The best advice we can you is to drive safe, and to never drive drunk yourself.

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