The Five Most Common Providence Motorcycle Injuries

What are the most common Providence motorcycle injuries? There are plenty of different types of motorcycle injuries that you can suffer but there are those that are very common.

providence motorcycle injuriesUnlike a truck or a car, a motorcycle does not offer any type of enclosed protection. This increases the chances of getting injured while on a motorcycle as opposed to when you are in a car. While wearing protective gear while riding a motorcycle may not lower the risk of getting injured in the event of a motorcycle crash, it can lessen the severity of your injures by creating a barrier between you and another object of collision.

Types Of Providence Motorcycle Injuries

1. Road Rash

This is the most common type of motorcycle accident injury in Providence. It is described as scrapes of the skin and bruises. This type of injury can be very painful and requires proper care. If you don’t receive the proper type of treatment, your wounds may become infected or leave you with permanent scars.

This is why you should wear a helmet, boots and gloves, pants and a motorcycle jacket to help protect you against abrasive substances such as asphalt and dirt. Wearing this gear, however, does not guarantee that you will not get road rash in case you get into a motorcycle crash but it might lessen the impact.

2. Fractures

When a motorcycle slides or crashes, any part of your body can be the first to make impact on the ground or on an object. The force of the impact will determine whether or not you will suffer from broken bones.

The most common type of fractures in motorcycle accidents include the legs, arms, collarbone and ribs although there are instances where victims also suffer from a fractured pelvis or spine. Doctors usually recommend that accident victims with broken bones wear a cast to protect the broken bone as it heals. A cast can be worn for up to six weeks but it may take a whole year for a broken bone to heal completely. You should therefore take precaution if you still want to get back on your motorbike after a fractured bone.

3. Disfigurement

Disfigurement is another common type of Providence motorcycle injuries. The most common forms of disfigurement include lost teeth and scarring. Some types of disfigurements may require surgery to correct. For instance, if you lose your teeth, you may need some dental work done. Remember that you can still lose your teeth even if you were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Another form of disfigurement is when you lose your foot, arm, hand or any other limb.

4. Head Injury

Victims of motorcycle accidents are likely to suffer from traumatic brain injury, fractures of the neck, skull or face and concussions. It’s almost impossible to avoid head injuries in motorcycle accidents but wearing the right helmet the right way can help minimize the extent of head injuries.

If you suffer any type of trauma to the head in a motorcycle crash, ensure that you visit the hospital as soon as possible.

5. Spine, Neck and Back Injury

These types of Providence motorcycle injuries can be life-altering. They can lead to something as major as full body paralysis to something as minor as a treatable headache. Any damage to the spinal cord should be immediately assessed by a doctor.

Hiring A Providence Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you get into a motorcycle accident in Providence, you should seek medical are as soon as possible. There has been an increase in the usage of motorcycles in Providence and the number of motorcycle accidents has consequently increased.

If your motorcycle injuries are as a result of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation. This is where we come in to help. We will provide you with legal advice right from the start. Our experienced lawyers will assess your case and advice you on how to claim compensation from an under-insured or uninsured operator.

We have the resources to work around the clock in order to gather all the necessary details about your case. Contact any one of our attorneys at (401)751-0101 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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