Injury Attorney Providence RI | Staying Safe At The Pool

A trusted injury attorney Providence RI informs you of the most important safety guidelines for both pool owners and parents this summer.

Providence RI Personal Injury Attorney | Staying Safe At The Pool

New England is in the middle of a heat wave and I’m sure you will be flocking to the pool or beach if you haven’t already. However, spending a hot day by the pool can have some consequences if you are not careful.

But as a injury attorney Providence RI I know that you can prevent these accidents by simply being mindful of safety rules at the pool. If you are a home owner, it is especially important for you to make sure your home safe for your guests and your own family.

Those who own a pool have a legal responsibility to keep the pool area safe. If you have children it is even more important to pay attention to safety guidelines and follow them.

Injuries at the pool happen all the time. Of the children from ages 1 to 4, about one-third drowned in pools or spas.


Rhode Island has strict pool regulations. I will take you through some of the laws and tips that homeowners need to follow in order to maintain a safe pool environment.

Pool Drains

If your children are visiting the pool at a friends house make sure you know ahead of time where the drains and suction are and warn them to stay away from those areas.

If they are pulled into a suction, they can easily be entrapped with a strong force that can cause drowning or death. Prepare your child with the correct attire, don’t allow loose hair accessories or straps on a swimsuit that could get sucked in.

As of 2008, federal law requires public pools to use drain covers to reduce suction deaths. But private homeowners may not have the same requirements.

Injury Attorney Providence RI | Fencing

Rhode Island law requires pools to be fenced in. The fence also must be at least 4 ft tall. There also cannot be an adjacent structure that may give someone the ability to jump over the fence.

In addition, the law requires that the fence have a self-closing lock that opens outward from the pool. Also, any homes that have a back door leading into a pool deck must have a pool alarm.

Injury Attorney Providence RI | Watch Your Children Closely

Swimming pools provide hours of entertainment for the kids, but be sure to give them your full attention. Drowning is the number one cause of death kids ages 1 to 4 other than birth defects according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Put your cell phone, book, and any other distractions down. The most important role you have is to keep an eye on your children.

Many groups of parents use a smart method of electing a “pool watcher”. This person will step away from the conversation and focus only on watching over the kids at the pool.

Diving Board Regulations

Diving boards can be very dangerous without the proper precautions. A lot of insurance companies do not allow diving boards at all.

But if you are allowed to have one there are still rules to follow. Check with your insurance company to find out the certain distance from the water and  length the diving board needs to be.

It is also necessary for the deep end of your pool to be least 9 ft if you have a diving board. Shallow areas of the pool should have clear signs so that no one will attempt a dive in the wrong area.

Injury Attorney Providence RI | Broken Glass

When you have bottles or any other glass near the pool, you put yourself at risk for serious accidents. It is much more practical to use only plastic or metal containers in the pool area.

Never mind on the edge, if glass gets in the pool it can be even more of a danger. Clear glass is not visible in water and is a hazard to whoever is swimming. The only safe solution is to drain the water and sweep out the glass.

Closing Comments

Believe it or not, these are only few of the precautions that pool owners must take to be safe. But they are absolutely worth taking the time to do.

Every year, hundreds of people in the U.S. drown in swimming pools, and thousands are badly injured.

If you or any of your loved ones have been in an accident because of an unsafe pool environment, it is important to speak with a injury attorney Providence RI about your situation as soon as possible.

Your legal rights during a swimming pool accident can be protected.

I have worked with countless injury cases in the past and I know how to handle your case.

We have the knowledge and expertise to win your case.

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