How Much Should You Get For A Burn Injury Claim?

If you are a victim of a burn accident, how much should you get from a burn injury claim? If you suffered the burns you suffered were as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you should file a compensatory claim.

burn injury claimThe amount of compensation you are eligible to receive from a burn injury claim depends on a variety of factors.

Factors That Influence Your Burn Injury Claim

1. Where And How Did The Burn Injury Occur?

Where your burn injury occurred and how it happened is important because it shows the extent to which the party at fault is liable for your injuries. It is also an indicator of how severe your injuries are which consequently affects the amount of compensation the court will award you.

There are different types of burn injury cases. The factors that distinguish these cases from each other is the cause of the injury. Some of the causes include faulty consumer products, arson, workplace injuries, intentional burning, etc.

Let’s say your burns were as a result of a workplace injury. If you were burned in an accident that was unpreventable, the settlement value of your burn injury claim will be relatively low. On the other hand, if your burns were as a result of an accident that could have been prevented by your employer by installing safety regulations, your settlement value will be much higher.

2. Gross Negligence

If your burns were as a result of someone else’s malicious intentions, you can sue them for gross negligence and even ensure they face punitive damages. Punitive damages are meant to punish those responsible for acting reprehensibly. If a party is determined to be guilty of gross negligence and they are wealthy, the court usually decides to make them pay higher amounts of punitive damages so as to make them feel “the sting”.

An example of a gross negligence case is a scenario where a manufacturer neglects to conduct tests on his products before taking it to the consumer market. The manufacturer may be fully aware of the consequences of using the product but fails to inform the consumer. For instance, they may be aware that the product is flammable but fails to indicate on the label. When a consumer uses it near an open flame, they get severely burnt. In such a case, they can sue the manufacturer for burn injury claims as well as punitive damages.

3. Compensation For Pain And Suffering

Injuries from burns can be traumatic and can lead to permanent disfigurement. As a result, compensation from burn injury claims is meant to help a client cope with emotional pain that comes from being disfigured and also to help compensate them for lost wages and to help them pay medical bills. The extent of the disfigurement caused by the burn injuries may influence the amount of compensation that you get. For instance, if your face was severely disfigured, you are likely to receive much more compensation than if your back was slightly scalded.

4. Workers’ Compensation Settlement

If you suffered a work injury that was not as a result of your employers’ negligence, your burn injury claims will most likely be settled by workers’ compensation scheme. However, you should know that the amount of compensation you receive from workers’ compensation scheme is much lower than what you would receive from a personal injury claim.

The extent of your injuries will also determine the amount of workers’ compensation you will receive. Each state has different standards for workers’ compensation so make sure to consult with your personal injury lawyer to determine how much compensation you could possibly receive.

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Burn Injury Claim

If you have been a victim of a burn accident, you need someone to help you through your darkest hour. Our law firm specializes in personal injury cases and we take great pride in helping people get compensation during trying moments such as suffering from a burn accident.

If you have been injured and want someone to take liability for your injuries, you should contact any one of our lawyers as soon as possible. Our lawyers are well versed with the law and can use it to help you get the justice that you deserve.

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