You Probably Didn’t Know These 5 Things About Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Every year in the United States there is a rising number in nursing home abuse cases. Neglect in nursing homes is far more widespread than we think.

nursing home abuse casesNursing homes are viewed as care facilities where you can be assured that your elderly loved ones will be well taken care of. They are places we trust will take care of the needs of those in need. Sadly, this is not always true as is seen in the rising case of nursing home abuse.

Issues surrounding nursing home abuse cases are often underplayed by the media and the society. Some of these cases are either very sensitive or uncertain circumstances make them dismissible.

Finding help for nursing home abuse cases can be frustrating and more often than not it is seen as a complicated process especially if the cases are very sensitive. The good news is that nowadays plenty of resources have been made available to help victims and their families deal with these cases.

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nursing Home Abuse Cases

  1. You Are Not Alone

It is very important to remember that you are not alone when seeking compensation for any injuries incurred by your loved one while under nursing home care or when they are recovering from nursing home negligence or abuse. There are many nursing home abuse attorneys who are more than willing to take on your case and help you get the help that you need.

  1. There Are Warning Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse does not necessarily manifest itself as physical abuse. There are plenty of warning signs that could indicate your loved one is being abused in the nursing home. Below are some of the signs that your loved one could be suffering from negligence or abuse:

  1. Negative or strong reaction to specific stimuli
  2. Bed sores
  3. Overly sensitive areas, ulcers or bruising
  4. Severe memory loss or forgetfulness. This could be a sign of repression
  5. Fluctuating changes in mood, unexplainable anxiety or irritation
  6. Weight loss due to emotional anxiety or malnutrition

3. You Can Be Compensated For Nursing Home Abuse

Victims of nursing home abuse can file a nursing home abuse claim and get compensated for their pain and suffering. Perhaps the biggest challenge that many nursing home abuse victims and their families face is the difficulty that exists in getting relevant authorities to take action.

However, when equipped with a great asset such as a nursing home abuse lawyer, victims of nursing home abuse can get compensation for years of emotional hardship and neglect. About a fifth of nursing home abuse cases end with the victim getting the justice they deserve.

  1. Different Circumstances Have Different Types Of Abuse

When you mention nursing home abuse to many people, the image that comes to mind is that of medical neglect and physical forms of maltreatment such as hitting. While these forms of abuse do exist in some homes, there are other different types of abuse. Since most of these types of abuse cases are considered to be lesser crimes than physical abuse, it could be the reason why most nursing home abuse cases go unreported.

Nursing home abuse can take the following forms:

  1. Complication of medical conditions due to negligent medical care
  2. Malnutrition or dehydration due to neglectful monitoring
  3. Sexual abuse
  4. Isolation from activities, friends and family
  5. Humiliation, threats and yelling.

5. There Are Thousands Of Cases Every Year

The way nursing home cases are reported you’d think they are very few and occur very rarely. This is very unfortunate because most cases are under-reported or downplayed. Sadly, this does not only happen in the U.S but in other parts of the world.

A federal investigation carried out in U.S nursing homes in 2008 found that 98% of them were in direct violation health and safety regulation up to a certain extent.

Contact A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Today

If you suspect your loved one may be experiencing nursing home abuse, don’t take it lightly. Get help immediately. Don’t let nursing home abuse continue. By hiring a licensed, compassionate and experienced nursing home abuse lawyer, you can help your loved one recover from nursing home abuse and malpractice.

There are thousands of nursing home abuse cases that occur in Providence every year. Contact one of our lawyers at (401)751-0101 today to find out what you can do to give your loved one the justice they deserve.

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