How To Use Witnesses In Personal Injury Claims

If you have been in an accident, you need to know how to locate and use witnesses to help you get compensation for your injuries. Witnesses can be valuable assets to personal injury claims.

personal injury claimsA witness to your accident can help you make a claim with an insurance company. They can help you describe what happened and back up your story. They may even provide information you were not aware of that might show the other person was responsible for your accident.

Even if a witness did not actually see what happened during the accident, they may have seen you after the accident and confirm that you were actually injured. They may also have heard someone else talking about the accident showing that someone else was at fault for your accident.

You must however contact witnesses as soon as possible. If their information is not confirmed as soon as possible, what they have to say about the accident may be lost. Remember that memories fade and they might not remember clearly what happened. Also, if you wait too long, a witness might leave town or they may no longer be around.

How To Use Witnesses For Personal Injury Claims

How To Deal With Witness Strangers

Sometimes, people you do not know may have witnessed your accident. They may help your claim by telling you something useful. For instance, they can tell you that the area where your accident occurred is a black spot because a dangerous condition has been known to cause accidents in that particular area. This might help you verify your version of what exactly happened.

Return to the scene and look for witnesses by talking to people who work or live within sight of the accident spot. The police report is also a great place to look for witnesses if you were involved in a traffic accident. If the police responded to the accident scene, they probably have a police report. The report may have names, phone numbers, and addresses of witnesses. Here are some steps to take when dealing with witness strangers.

  • Write down their contact numbers, addresses, and names or gather as much information as possible from them. Don’t push them to give you contact information they are not willing to give you. For instance, if they are willing to give you their cell phone number but not their address, don’t push it. If you push them, you will likely scare them away.
  • Ask the witness to describe what they saw and where they were when it happened.
  • If witnesses are cooperative, ask them if you can type what they are telling you in order to send it to them for accuracy. Inform them that you may require a written statement from them that you will use to back up your story when you make your claim to the insurance company. if the witness agrees, jot down what they tell you, type it then send it to them to review and sign it. Ask them to send the copy to you in a typed envelope that you will provide them with.
  • If the witnesses are uncomfortable about backing up your story, you can write down what they have told you and have them sign the description. Ask them to give you an address or a telephone number so that you can prove to the insurance company that the statement is from a real person.

Dealing With Witnesses You Know

If an acquaintance, a relative or a friend witnessed your accident, or saw that you were injured after the accident, you will use the same approach that you used with stranger witnesses only this tie round it will be much easier.

You do not have to worry that your witness will disappear to an unknown destination or that you will have to go looking for them. However, it is still very important that you go over what happened and write it down while their memory is still fresh. Don’t forget to tell them to sign the description to show its accuracy.

Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident, you should have your case handled with the utmost compassion and integrity. You should look for a lawyer who can stand up to big insurance companies in order to get clients the compensation they deserve.

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