How To Protect Your Legal Rights After An Auto Accident In Providence

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Providence, you need to protect your legal rights when dealing with an insurance company.

auto accident in providenceIf you have been in an auto accident in Providence, you should be skeptical of any offers you receive from an insurance company especially if the offer comes early in your case. Today’s insurance adjuster has adequate knowledge on “Delay and Deny” techniques which are intended to deny or lower your compensation.

Insurance companies try to get accident victims to settle their claims before they can talk to a lawyer or even consider it. If you are looking to get a full and fair settlement, then you should consider these seven tips.

How To Protect Your Rights In An Auto Accident In Providence

Be Realistic

Don’t have unrealistic expectations about what your case could be worth. Most states have laws that allow people who have been involved in accidents to receive compensation for lost income, reasonable costs for pain and suffering and medical costs. The amount you receive will depend on how serious your injuries are, insurance limits, physical impairment, length of treatment and permanent disfigurement. It is for this reason that settlement amounts vary greatly depending on the details of the case. Your lawyer will discuss possibilities and how much your case is worth with the insurance company as you finish your medical treatment.

Don’t Issue Recorded Statements To Any Insurance Representative

If you have to record any statements, you have to consult your lawyer first. They will help you prepare solid statements for the insurance company so that all acts about the accident are not misinterpreted and your words are not quoted out of context. Remember that the insurance adjustor will ask you “innocent” questions and your answers could end up harming your case. Believe it or not even the most innocent things such as replying “I am fine” when the insurance adjustor greets you can harm your case.

Always Keep all Doctor’s Appointments

You can significantly weaken your case by skipping even one doctor’s appointment or allowing gaps in your treatment. Your insurance adjustor will argue that your injuries weren’t that bad if you could skip one or two appointments. You might be denied compensation or receive less than what you deserve.

See A Doctor

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Providence, you should see a doctor immediately or as soon as possible even if you escaped unscathed. Some injuries take a few days or weeks to manifest so you should never ignore the soreness you feel after an accident.

Visiting a doctor ensures that your injuries are well documented and you can begin the necessary treatment to facilitate speedy recovery.

Get Photographs And Pictures

Never leave the scene of an auto accident in Providence without contact information, witness names and photographs. You do not need to carry a camera with you because many cell phones today have excellent cameras which can take clear pictures. Take pictures of vehicle positions, road conditions, skid marks and body damage. The police might take photographs and collect witness information but there is a high chance that this information may not be used or even end up in the police report. So it is always better to collect this information yourself.

Involve The Police

Even if you suffer from minor injuries, ensure that you contact the police immediately the accident occurs. The police will arrive at the crime scene to offer any kind of assistance you need and even summon medical help. They will investigate the accident and issue a police report.

A police report is important because it will help you establish facts about the accident. Without the report, it might prove difficult for you to argue your case with an insurance adjustor about the liability of the driver at fault or how the accident occurred.

Consider Hiring A Providence Car Accident Lawyer.

Hiring an experienced Providence car accident lawyer is important because they can help you avoid a number of mistakes that could weaken your case no matter how great your facts are. Your lawyer will ensure that your case progresses within the recommended timeline because there is a statute of limitations that applies to particular personal injury cases. Talking to a lawyer is also important because they can track medical treatment and ensure that all costs remain reasonable.

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