Providence Car Accident Attorney | Dangers Of Minor Accidents

An experienced providence car accident attorney explains why even the minor accidents that people have everyday can be harmful and cause serious injury.

Providence Car Accident Attorney | Dangers Of Minor Accidents

If a car accident is minor, it does not always mean that it is harmless. There are a lot of car accidents that are low impact.

You can still get in a crash when you are going 10 mph. Even though you may only cause very minimal property damage, the people riding in the car can still have back and neck strains and even serious joint or spinal problems.

The majority of these victims deal with a good deal of opposition to their jury claims from unconvinced insurance adjusters or defense lawyers.

Providence Car Accident Attorney | Impact Forces Of Car Accidents

Of course there are large forces applied during high-speed car crashes. But they exist in minor car accidents that are at low speeds as well.

The usual car weighs about 2,000 lbs. During a collision going 10 mph there is an impact force of about 3.7 tons. Larger vehicles weigh around 3,000 lbs.

When in a collision going 10 mph, there is an impact force of about 5.6 tons. These impact forces may not be horrible on the vehicle, but will be a major blow to the driver’s neck and back.

Car accident studies say that people involved in rear-ending accidents are at high risk no matter the speed of impact. They use the term “magnification of acceleration”, meaning the occupants of the vehicle accelerate at a much higher rate than the car impacted. This means that the victims will absorb most of the force from the accident (usually about 5 tons).

Providence Car Accident Attorney | Injuries From Minor Crashes

There have been several tests documented that demonstrate low-impact accidents affecting the soft tissues of the back and neck like ligaments, muscles, and tendons. People of an older age or of poor physical condition (possible with preexisting injures) are more likely to suffer from these kinds of injures from low speed collisions.

A skilled Providence car accident attorney can help you convince a jury or judge if this is what happened in your car crash.

When the soft tissue is sprained, a partial and sometimes complete tear occurs. The extent of this tear depends on the position of the occupant in the car, whether they used head constraints, and whether the head was rotated during the crash.

In the case of rear ending accidents, the car occupants neck is thrown backward and then jolted forward, putting a force on the body that makes it stretch in an unnatural way.

The victim can feel the affects for months. In many cases, the victim will have chronic pain that goes on for years. There is a significant amount of data about these injuries on the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration’s website.

Providence Car Accident Attorney | Closing Comments

Proving injury from a minor or low impact car crash can be overwhelming. Normally, an expert witness is used that is qualified in the field of car accident study and will reconstruct the accident.

Many cases also require credible medical testimony for a jury or insurance adjuster to be convinced. This is why it is important to find an automobile accident attorney who has knowledge and experience.

Our automobile accident attorneys understand the whirlwind of activity that happens after a car accident. Although these cases are complicated and confusing, we handle them on a regular basis.

There is no need to suffer through this alone, let us get you the settlement you deserve.

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