7 Mistaken Beliefs About Providence Car Accidents

The worst period to have mistaken beliefs or to make mistakes is when you have been involved in Providence car accidents.

providence car accidentsCar accidents in Providence take place on a regular basis. If you have not experienced one, you may one day be unlucky enough to do so. If you have been in a car accident, you probably know that it can be a stressful, sensitive and confusing time. Following an accident, so many people have misconceptions about their particular situation. Here is a highlight of some of the misconceptions that they have about Providence car accidents.

7 Mistaken Beliefs About Providence Car Accidents

  1. You Are Always Guaranteed Of Compensation

Following a car accident, many people will seek compensation for damages and injuries regardless of how severe the accident is. A number of factors contribute to whether or not you will be given compensation and how much you will receive.

There are certain mistakes that can reduce the amount of compensation you receive. For instance, failing to seek medical attention immediately after the accident; failing to collect enough evidence at the scene to back up your claims; making a recorded statement to your insurance agent before speaking to a lawyer, etc.

If you decide to take legal action, you should hire a car accident lawyer to do it for you. They will increase your chances of getting compensation as opposed to when you choose to represent yourself.

  1. All You Need Is A Police Report

More often than not, a police report won’t suffice to support your case in court. A police report will cover the basics of your accident but further information is needed. This includes:

  • Traffic conditions
  • Damages to surrounding property
  • Damages to vehicles involved in the crash
  • Visibility
  • Road condition
  • Weather condition
  1. You Can Represent Yourself In Court

Victims of Providence car accidents believe that they can represent themselves when making an accident compensation claim. It is very possible to represent yourself but unless you are a legal expert, chances are very high that you might lose your case or you might get compensation that is way lower than you should.

  1. In rear End Collisions, Fault Is Always Clear

In most Providence car accidents, it is always assumed that in a rear end collision, the car behind is always at fault. This is not always the case. Certain information can change the fact about who is at fault. For instance, what type of behavior were the drivers exhibiting? Were they driving under the influence? Did you unsafely merge into a lane causing the other driver to slam their brakes unexpectedly? Were you carelessly driving your vehicle in reverse?

  1. Your Car’s “Black Box” Is Always Accurate

Many people think that the way a commercial airplane’s black box functions is the same way a car’s black box does. You should know that the accuracy of the black box in your car is not perfect and using the data found in them in court can be difficult. These boxes only record:

  • Seat belt use
  • Engine performance
  • Brake application
  • Car speed

As you can see, the black box does not exactly record as much information as that of a commercial plane. It is better to hire a Providence car accident attorney rather than rely on car performance log information.

  1. Hiring An Attorney Is Expensive

Most Providence car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they do not get paid unless you get paid. If you come across a lawyer who will only work on your case after you have made a down payment or after you have paid a fee for an initial consultation, then you should immediately look for another lawyer.

  1. It Doesn’t Matter Which Attorney You Hire

Not all lawyers specialize in Providence car accidents; some are criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers, etc. Furthermore, not all car accident lawyers are the same. Some will focus on DUI cases, others on motorcycle accidents and so on.

You need to find a lawyer who has experience and extensive knowledge of cases similar to yours. If you have been in a Providence car accident and you would like more information on what to do, you can contact any one of our car accident attorneys any time to schedule a free initial consultation.

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