providence lawyersThroughout the years we have been able to assist many residents of Providence, RI in receiving the compensation and justice they deserve.  As one of the top Providence lawyers in the state of Rhode Island, we put an emphasis on treating each individual as if they were member of our own family.

Helping people is our #1 priority.

Providence Lawyers Who Carefully Select Who to Represent

Contrary to what many people may think, we do not accept any case that comes through our door.  We take the necessary time to consult and discuss each specific case with each individual, to ensure superior quality of service. As Providence lawyers with a tremendously successful track record of success in representing our clients, we pride ourselves on being extremely selective with whom we work so we can provide the personalized attention that each individual personal injury case deserves.

Over the past 12 months we have been able to help many people, some who may be just like you, who have suffered various types of personal injuries.  Below is a sampling of some of our most recent top settlements.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents and crashes all too often result in devastating injuries.  The physical and emotional strain and toll these accidents can have on a victim and the victim’s family can be overwhelming.

One of our most tragic cases involved a young woman in her 20’s.  Through no fault of her own this young woman was struck by an automobile that was driving in the wrong direction on the highway.

Our client suffered tremendous injuries resulting in partial paralysis.

Throughout the weeks following the accident we met with the woman and her family and subsequently decided to move forward with their case.

Her case resulted in a $2.5 million settlement.

We can only hope that this compensation somewhat helped this young woman and her family through this trying time.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents in Providence Rhode Island are unfortunately all too common.  Motorcycle accidents occur throughout the Northeast at an alarming rate and are of special concern due to our region’s unpredictable weather conditions.  Hiring a competent, as well as experienced Providence motorcycle accident lawyer is of utmost important.

On top of that, motorcycles are notoriously difficult to spot, and other drivers routinely cut off and force motorcycles off the road.  As a result, motorcycle personal injury cases are some of the most common and unfortunately most severe types of personal injury cases that we deal with.

One of our most recent motorcycle cases involved an elderly gentleman who was sideswiped by another vehicle.  As is typically the case in these types of accidents, the driver at fault failed to see our client in his rear view mirror.

Our client suffered multiple broken ribs and a collapsed lung, resulting in a $1.5 million settlement.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are cases we do not encounter as often as vehicular crashes, however they can be just as costly to the victim.  Most slip and fall injuries occur to elderly residents of Providence, RI however we have seen some young adults suffer serious slip and fall accidents.

One young woman in particular comes to mind.  This woman fell down a basement staircase that lacked handrails.  She suffered a serious ankle fracture that required intense and expensive surgery.

Fortunately we were able to navigate through the insurance company “muck” and secure this woman a $180,000 settlement.

Nursing Home Claims

Nursing home claims are becoming increasingly common in the state of Rhode Island.  Claims involving nursing home residents are often some of the saddest and most disheartening claims that we handle.

Falls in the bathroom as well as negligent care are two of the more common types of claims we see involving nursing home residents.  As an example, an elderly client of ours was left unattended in a nursing home restroom.

This gentleman ended up falling due to lack of proper assistance from nursing home staff.  He suffered a subdural hematoma that required extensive surgery.

Battling the nursing home and insurance company in this case was not straightforward, simple or easy.  However we persevered and were able to secure this man a $250,000 settlement.

Workmen’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation claims are most common among middle age working adults.  Often times these people have families and children that need to be cared for.

When a parent is injured and can no longer work, the financial strain on a family can be immense.

A few years ago we had a young man come to us who was severely injured when his company truck brakes failed.  His injuries were intense and his ability to work was severely affected.

We were able to settle his case for $500,000.

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases are not as common as car accident cases or slips and falls, however they can be just as serious if not more serious with regards to emotional trauma, physical injuries and monetary loss.

A past client of ours was viciously attacked in her own apartment building.  The culprit was the visitor of a neighboring residence.

We were able to secure this woman a $150,000 settlement.

Defective Product Claims

Defective products are rather common.  Problems arise when the defective product is potentially lethal, like a heavy piece of machinery or construction tool.

Contractors in particular are at risk here.

A past contractor client  of ours suffered tremendous injuries to his Achilles tendon after the safety guard on his hand saw failed.

We were able to secure this gentleman a $75,000 settlement.

We are Providence Lawyers Who Will Fight For You

The above cases are just examples of the types of cases we work, and settlements we have been able to secure for our clients.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, there are many choices when it comes to Providence personal injury lawyers. But do yourself a favor and contact our Providence, Rhode Island office today at 401-751-0101 for a no risk, no obligation evaluation of your case.

Time is of the essence, so regardless of what you do, contact a lawyer as soon as possible following any kind of incident.

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