Providence Product Liability Lawsuit: When Is A Warning Defective?

When is a product warning considered defective and can you still file a Providence product liability lawsuit?

providence product liability lawsuitThe improper manufacture or design of a product can be cause for a Providence product liability lawsuit if there was a defective warning. If a manufacturer does not adequately warn consumers of foreseeable risks posed by the product, then they may be held liable for any injuries that occur as a result of using the product.

Not All Products Need Warning

Not all products need to have product warning on them although manufacturers ensure they put them there for safety precautions. Product manufacturers are however obligated to put warnings when:

  • A reasonable consumer may not be able to see the immediate danger
  • The manufacturer knows the danger that the product poses
  • The product can be dangerous
  • The danger presents itself if the product is used in its reasonably intended manner

This means that if a product is safe to use as intended and it does not pose any harm, the manufacturer may not be required to warn about possible dangers of using the product if it is used unreasonably. For instance, drinking Pepsi is safe but the manufacturer does not have to warn consumers about the danger of drinking 8 gallons per day.

The Manufacturer Is Obligated To Warn Of Hidden Dangers

Manufacturers in Providence may face a Providence product liability lawsuit if they fail to warn consumers of the hidden dangers a product poses when used as intended.

In 2013, a family in Massachusetts sued Johnson & Johnson for giving defective warnings on bottles of Children’s Motrin. The family was awarded $63million. Their daughter suffered a reaction to the drug which caused her to lose 90% of her skin; she lost her full eyesight and suffered brain damage.

The warning label on the drug did warn consumers to stop taking the drugs if they developed an allergic reaction but Johnson & Johnson was found liable for not warning consumers about the risks of severe side effects.

Manufacturers Are Obligated To Provide Instructions For Safe Usage

If a manufacturer in Providence wants to avoid a Providence product liability lawsuit, they must provide instructions that clearly explain how to use their products. If a manufacturer fails to do this, they can be held liable for any injuries that result from consumers who improperly use the product.

For example, there was a man who sued a golf cart manufacturer for failing to warn riders not to ride in the back of the golf cart. The man rode on the back of the golf cart and when the driver swerved unexpectedly, he was thrown off the cart and suffered a brain injury as a result.

File A Providence Product Liability Lawsuit

If you have been injured by a product because a manufacturer filed to provide adequate warning, you can successfully file a lawsuit and get the compensation that you deserve.

Our law firm specializes in personal injury cases and takes great pride in helping people through tough situations. Our Providence personal injury attorneys have extensive experience and have handled a number of product liability cases successfully.

We treat all cases as confidential and do everything possible to ensure all cases are treated with dignity, compassion and integrity. Contact any of our Providence product liability lawyers to schedule a free initial consultation or to learn more about your legal rights for injuries caused by consumer products.

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