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Have you been injured from a defect of your vehicle? Here an experienced Providence RI Car accident attorney discusses the faults that your car might have that put you at risk.


Unfortunately, there are times when people in car accidents are injured because of a flaw in their vehicle. These kinds of faults can include seatbelt failure, weak roofing, defective airbags, or rollover accidents. It is important to know about these defects when you are choosing a vehicle and especially if you have been in a car accident.

Providence RI Car Accident Attorney | Failing Seatbelts

When a person is in an accident and the seatbelt fails, countless things can go wrong and the passenger is likely to experience an injury including paralysis, concussion, spinal cord injury, facial injury, and even brain injuries.

Year after year, countless adults and children suffer from injuries due to failed seatbelts. For 30 years, car and seatbelt manufacturers have known that the proper design and quality can help prevent injury.

Despite having this knowledge, they continue to produce and install faulty or defective seatbelts. If the seatbelt is installed properly, it can be an absolute life saver in a dangerous accident. But if it is installed improperly, it can be the reason for injury and even death in a car accident.

Weak Car Roofs

If a car is in a rollover accident or something falls on top of it, the roof is put to the test. These accidents can be dangerous for the passengers when the roofing is weak. Car companies still produce cars with thin and weak roofs.

This becomes a problem when the car rolls over and the passengers have little protection. The United States National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration even got involved with this problem by issuing a warning about the direct correlation between roof strength and the occurrence of  injuries from cars being crushed.

Volvo also ran a safety study that demonstrated that poor car roofing contributes highly to both head and neck injuries. But despite all of the facts car companies have been slow to react and make changes. Ford and Chevrolet were especially slow compared to others.

The department of Transportation increased their standards for car roofs so that they would be stronger and safer. This was a step in the right direction but as a Providence RI Car Accident Attorney I know that these accidents still happen and there are still many cars on the road with weak roofs.

Providence RI Car Accident Attorney | Airbag Failure

An airbag that is defective can cause serious injury to the passenger. When properly installed, they save lives. But if not they can be deadly especially when the driver is sitting close to the wheel.  For kids under the age of 13 airbags can be extremely dangerous.

Airbags deploy at a speed of about 200 miles per hour and a younger person’s body is not physically built to be able to withstand such pressure and impact even though it is cushioned by air.

Some car companies have made the switch to a safer design but there are still many cars companies lagging behind with airbag innovation. The “one size fits all” approach is no longer working in terms of safety.

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