Providence RI Dog Bite Lawyer | Dog Safety Tips


Getting attacked by a dog can be traumatizing.

And as a Providence RI dog bite lawyer I’ve seen far too many of them

Most dogs are friendly and loving, but many of them can be dangerous. Let’s face it – we all spend a great deal of time around someone’s furry companion.

Whether it be ours, a friend’s, or a neighbors we cross paths with them pretty often and there some things we should all know to protect ourselves and our kids.

Protecting Yourself | Simple Precautions

Even if you think you are familiar with a dog, beware that all dogs have the capability to bite you. Before you reach out to pet or touch a dog, ask the owner for permission.

When you do go to pet the dog, do not quickly approach it. If you’re in the dog’s territory and you quickly advance toward the animal it may feel threatened, especially if it is eating.

It is important to take special care around a dog in a small enclosed area where it may easily feel cornered. Also be extremely careful around a mother dog that has puppies, especially if it is nursing.

Providence RI Dog Bite Lawyer | Dog Safety Tips

The best way to make a dog comfortable with you is to extend the back of your hand (not your fingers) at the dog and let it to sniff you before trying to pet it. If this works and the dog becomes friendly with you, do not engage in rough play that will get the animal overly excited.

At times a dog that is participating in overly rough play may be overwhelmed and their instincts can overpower their self-control. Many times you can sense that a dog is acting strangely, listen to your gut and act accordingly.

Outdoor Activities

Providence RI Dog Bite LawyerMany of the things we do outside can actually cause a threat with dogs. If you are riding a bicycle, you are more at risk with dogs. Dogs don’t know how to respond to bikes and will often run out in front of them.

It is best to try to keep your distance from dogs when you are on a bike to keep yourself from being injured. If you are running or rollerblading you will get the attention of a dog because of your swift movements.

Again, keep a safe distance from dogs when you are engaging in these activities and if you are approached by an unknown dog do not try to outrun it. Instead, stay still until it loses interest in you and walks away.

Protecting Kids

It is imperative to educate your children about dog safety. Kids do not always know the right way to behave around dogs and require adult supervision. Some experts even advise parents to keep children under ten years of age from spending any time alone with a dog.

Children are small, and cannot defend themselves in a dangerous situation with a dog. Dogs can also be confused by the behavior of children if they are not used to them and their movements.

Kids should know that not every dog is a friendly dog, that they should not approach a dog without an adults permission, that they should not to tease or make loud noises around a dog, and not to try to help an injured dog. Most importantly, warn your kids that if a dog is scary or bites them – they need to tell an adult right away.

Providence RI Dog Bite Lawyer | Closing Comments

Dog bites are a very common injury among adults and children. There were 38 dog attacks that resulted in death in 2012. Having a dog bite injury can have serious consequences including permanent disfigurement and psychological trauma.

It is never possible to predict whether a dog will attack you, you can help prevent one of these situations from occurring by following these safety tips.

And of course, if this unfortunate event happens to you or your child, make sure you contact us here at the Law Offices of Kevin P. Landry. We can help.

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