Providence RI Slip And Fall Attorney | Woman Awarded $12.2 Mill For Case

An experienced Providence RI slip and fall attorney tells the story of a Virginia slip and fall case and explains what a slip and fall attorney can do to help you.

Providence RI Slip And Fall Attorney | Woman Awarded $12.2 Mill For Slip And Fall CaseAs a Providence RI slip and fall attorney, I know how severe a slip and fall case can be.

What others may think is a simple puddle could change another person’s life forever.

In a Virginia case this was exactly what happened when an innocent woman decided to stop at the gas station.

Annette Ritzmann was a spa owner with over 25 employees. She made a gas station pit stop to fill up and grab a newspaper.

This is something you probably have done countless times in your lifetime without questioning your safety.

As she was walking into the store, she slipped on a puddle. It was small and developed from an awning that had a leak.

When she slipped she fell directly forward. She landed on her chest and chin, pushing her head back.

The owners of the store admitted that they had realized the curb was dangerous, but it was too late.

Providence RI Slip And Fall Attorney | A Forever Changed Life

Annette tried to go back to her everyday life and found herself unable to do anything that she normally could have at work. She could not multitask or work on clients and she suffered from seizures.

She found it impossible to run her business after the accident. The doctors categorized her symptoms as “post-concussion”.

When she realized that her life was forever changed because of a negligence accident she made the smart decision and contacted a personal injury lawyer. She will be grateful that she met with a lawyer for the rest of her life.

The Effects Of A Brain Injury

Many of Annette’s friends and family described her situation in way that even a Providence RI slip and fall attorney found heartbreaking.

They claimed that Annette died and a stranger took over. Because of this, her lawyer painted the case as a wrongful death lawsuit.

She lost a number of brain cells in the fall and could no longer multitask or return to her daily life. Her injuries were as invasive to her life as if a musician lost fingers.

Providence RI Slip And Fall Attorney | The Verdict

Ritzmann was awarded over $12.2 million from her accident. This was the highest award for a slip and fall case in the state’s history.

This may seem like a huge amount of money, but to a slip and fall victim with this severe of injuries it is just the beginning.

No amount of money will give Annette a fully functioning brain again, but she can move forward knowing that she got what she was entitled to.

Find The Right Providence RI Slip And Fall Attorney

Rhode Island winters are famous for slippery, icy patches on parking lots and sidewalks. But there are hazards everywhere during the year that cause innocent people to injure themselves.

Under Rhode Island law, it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure visitors safety (even though this may not always happen).

A slip and fall lawyer may be able to get you the compensation you deserve if you are among those who have been injured.

You do not deserve to suffer from a slip and fall injury, so call The Law Offices of Kevin P. Landry to find out how a Providence RI slip and fall attorney can help you.

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