What Are The Different Types Of Rhode Island Product Liability Claims?

How many types of product liability claims are there? Typically, there are three types of Rhode Island product liability claims.

rhode island product liability claimsIf you have suffered damages or have been injured because of a product you used, you have the right to sue for a product liability claim. Product liability claims are normally classified into three categories: failure to provide adequate warning, dangerous product design and manufacturer‘s mistake.

Once you understand these three categories, you will be able to tell whether you have a valid claim and you can also formulate a strategy that you can use to win your case.

When it comes to dealing with product liability claims, every state has the same basic laws. When filing for Rhode Island product liability claims, keep in mind that you not only have to show that the product was defective but you also have to show that the product caused you harm.

Types Of Rhode Island Product Liability Claims

1. Failure To Provide Adequate Warning

The first type of product liability claim is failure to provide adequate warning about the product. Failure to warn in this case means that the manufacturer did not indicate on the package or manual that the product could be dangerous in a way that is not obvious to the user. The manufacturer should indicate on the product or on the manual that the user needs to follow certain instructions when using the product or exercise diligence when using it to avoid getting injured.

For instance, if a manufacturer manufactures a corrosive paint removing chemical and sells it without adequate instructions on how to safely handle it.

2. Defectively Designed Product

The second type of Rhode Island product liability claims is a product being defectively designed. Defective design claims involve the claim that an entire line of products is dangerous as opposed to a mishap or error in the manufacturing process. This is regardless of the fact that the product was made according to manufacturer specifications.

For instance, when you purchase an electric blanket from a manufacturer and it electrocutes you when you turn it on high, you can sue for product liability on grounds that the entire line of electric blankets is defective. You have to show that the main reason why you were electrocuted is because the product design was faulty.

3. Defectively Manufactured Products

This is the most obvious type of product liability claims. This is type of lawsuit can be filed when you can prove that the product was manufactured defectively and thus led to your injuries. A product is usually defectively manufactured as a result of some error in the factory where it was fabricated. As a result, the product is different from all other similar products produced by the same manufacturer.

For instance, if your condition worsened after taking a cough syrup that contained a poisonous substance, you can file a product liability claim with the manufacturer showing that it was defectively manufactured. In this case, you have to prove that the cough syrup did indeed contain poisonous substances and your injuries weren’t because the syrup was poorly stored.

Let’s Make A Comparison

Let’s compare the three types of product liability claims using pharmaceutical products. Let’s say, for instance, you bought a cough syrup that was manufactured correctly and was safe to use but you fell seriously ill after combining it with aspirin. If the manufacturer did not clearly indicate on the label that combining it with certain drugs would cause injury, you can sue them on grounds that they failed to provide adequate warning.

On the other hand, if you took a cough syrup that was untampered with but caused you to suffer a heart attack because of its ingredients, your claim would be based on a defectively designed product.

If you fall severely ill after taking the same bottle of cough syrup because a few drops of arsenic accidentally fell into the bottle during the manufacturing process, then you would make a product liability claim based on a manufacturing defect.

Hiring A Product Liability Lawyer

Each year, members of Rhode Island community suffer from some type of injury from defective products. If you plan to file a product liability claim, you should contact us at 401-751-0101 as soon as possible. Your case will be strictly confidential and we will do everything we can to ensure you get justice.

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