How To Negotiate RI Personal Injury Lawyer Fee

You can negotiate reduced RI personal injury lawyer fee and keep more of your injury settlement money in your pocket with just a few tips.

RI Personal Injury Lawyer FeeMost RI personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis as opposed to other types of attorneys. This means that your personal injury lawyer will only get paid when they successfully negotiate a settlement you are content with. While this might seem like a financially sound option for many personal injury clients, it can also be an expensive proposition. The lawyer will risk losing a case and getting paid nothing but they also risk winning the case and getting a huge chunk of the winning outcome-usually 33-40% of the settlement money.

Let’s highlight some of the few options available for reducing legal fees for handling your case. There are typically three options that you can effectively use.

How To Negotiate RI Personal Injury Lawyer Fee

Negotiating Reduced Combination And Contingency Fee

Before you consult a lawyer, you will probably have done a thorough investigation into your accident and you might have all the documents necessary to build a solid case. You might have even tried to negotiate with your insurance company to raise their initial offer. If this is the case, then your personal injury lawyer may be willing to lower their percentage on the contingency fee. The point here is to show the lawyer how much work you have relieved them because of your efforts. Bring with you an organized file you have put together pertaining your case. You might just get your RI personal injury lawyer fee reduced.

Of course you shouldn’t expect your lawyer to immediately reduce the fee once you present your organized file to them. You will have to bring up the issue yourself. This approach, however, is not a guarantee that your lawyer will agree to a reduced fee. this is because some lawyers fear that the work done by a non-lawyer may not be good enough and they will have to redo it all again and secondly, some lawyers are just reluctant to agree to a reduced fee because they will end up making less money.

Here are a few possible ways that you can structure your fee agreement:

  1. Pay Hourly Up To A Limit

Agree on an hourly fee up to a prearranged limit- say $3000. For instance, if the lawyer cannot get the case settled by doing that amount of work, then you can agree on a contingency fee.

  1. Reduced Fee Up To A Certain Settlement Amount

You can arrange with your lawyer that if your settlement amount goes over a certain amount, more than what the insurance company would have given you, then they will receive a basic settlement fee of 25%. For instance, if you receive $5, 000 more than what the insurance company offered you, you will pay your lawyer 25% of the settlement. If you receive any amount more than that then they will receive 33.3%. This ensures that you do not get less by using a lawyer than you would have had you just gone ahead and taken the insurance money without them.

  1. Reduced Negotiation Settlement Fee Only

Agree with your lawyer that if they can get you an acceptable offer without going to court, then their contingency fee will be 25% but if they fail to produce a satisfactory settlement offer and have to go to court, they will receive a contingency fee of 33%. Your lawyer will ask for a larger fee when you go to trial because they will have to prepare the case for trial, file more complex documents, etc.

The Threat Factor In Your Legal Agreement

Sometimes all a lawyer has to do is file a standard lawsuit on your behalf and this gets the insurance company suddenly willing to increase their offer. This is good news for you but if you agreed to pay your personal injury lawyer the standard one third fees, they will receive a share of your compensation for doing almost no work at all. To avoid such a situation, you should have a fee agreement with your lawyer to cover such a scenario.

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