Should You Wear A Motorcycle Helmet Or Not?

There is a longstanding debate in United States as to whether or not motorcycle helmet laws should be made mandatory.

motorcycle helmetThis is a debate that will probably go on for a very long time. Fact of the matter is every motorcycle accident happens under unique circumstances and each helmet offers its own protection. A closer look into the motorcycle helmet debate clearly shows that the debate revolves around government authority versus individual freedoms. That however will not be the subject of discussion here. We are more concerned about safety and whether or not wearing a helmet enhances it.

The Motorcycle Helmet Law

Currently only twenty states require all motorcyclists to wear helmets. Most of the other states make it mandatory that motorcyclists under a certain age wear helmets. Only Illinois and Iowa leave it to the motorcyclist to determine whether or not they would like to wear a helmet.

The Safety Debate

When debating whether or not wearing a motorcycle helmet actually increases or decreases safety when riding a motorcycle, it all comes down to the type of helmet the rider is wearing. If you are involved in a motorcycle crash and you are thrown off the motorcycle landing head first, your brain will shift in a number of ways.

Different helmets protect your head in different ways depending on the speed at which you are traveling at. Softer helmets cause less damage in low velocity impacts as compared to stiffer helmets. Softer helmets, as the name suggest, will not protect your head effectively if you are involved in a high velocity impact. This means that the motorcyclist has to decide which helmet will effectively protect them in the event of an accident.

There are other motorcyclists that believe it’s actually safe not to wear a motorcycle helmet after considering other safety factors. They conclude that the extra weight on the head and visibility to be some of the factors that make motorcycle helmets unsafe.

The biggest reason why people do not wear motorcycle helmets is the brain’s physiological nature. The brain is a soft tissue that floats inside fluids in your skull. If the impact on your head is hard enough, your brain shifts and hits the inside of your skull. This causes swelling and if you have been knocked unconscious while wearing your helmet, the selling might become fatal because it has nowhere to go.

If you weren’t wearing a helmet on the other hand, your injury could be less fatal because the swelling would have somewhere to go.

A Motorcycle Helmet Could Save Your Life

According to NHTSA, they conducted a study and found that helmets reduced the fatality rate in motorcycle accidents. They also found that wearing a helmet reduced the probability of severe head injuries, possible paralysis and fatalities, reduced the length of hospital stay and cost of medical treatment.

The main point here is that you should make wise decisions as a motorcyclist. Your choice could either prevent or cause a serious motorcycle accident.

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